Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Dinner

Monday, February 27, 2012


My motivation for making dinner came from two different sources. Since Mama's pregnant, she cannot stand the smell, sight or taste of meat (which I consider to be a necessity to my survival;). She doesn't get sick, but gets realll nauseous and tired in the afternoons.... still she's no slacker! She's been really good at still cooking for us, but I figured I'd give her a break.

And I figured I'd better start learnin' how to cook NOW, so my future husband doesn't have to suffer through many experiments, failures, and TV dinners one day;)

So, the experiment? Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken and Vegetables.
The result?

What I consider a successsss;)
This is after my fam attacked it;)

One of my litter brothers, Hudson (a.k.a, Huddy;) wanted some Casey time, so he helped with the salad. I'm pretty sure his love language is quality time, so it was great having some extra help AND knowing I'm filling my lil' bro's love tank at the same time.

He made sure he got his lettuce-slaying weapon in the picture;)

 All we did for the salad was chop lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, add some sunflower seeds and a raisin mix, and finished her off with some feta and goat cheese! It was superb with Orange & Cranberry Vinagrette.

Wyatt helped too, but he didn't feel like smiling for a picture, haha;)

Was it my favorite meal ever? No. Kinda bland. But I'm super proud of myself for trying;) I told Mama that when I get married one day, I'm gonna have to re-learn cooking; this recipe alone I had to quadruple!! I'm going to be so used to feeding an entire army, that I'm gonna be cookin' a lot of leftovers until I get used to a family of two;)

I've decided I love family dinner times. There were so many smiles sitting around my table today, and it wasn't cuz the food was good. They were just all happy. It was lovely:)

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