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Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you know?

I came across this journal entry today where God spoke to me last summer. I'm so glad I wrote it down.
Be blessed.

July 7, 2011
Do you Know?
"Do you know how much I love you?
   I love you more than life itself. I gave up life for you. I threw it aside, just so you could be Mine.

  You know what else?
   I would trade heaven for you. In fact, I did. I gave up all of the treasures and pleasures of heaven, just to bring you near.

   You know what else?
   I gave up beauty for you. People hated to look at Me. They turned their faces from Me. I am the most beautiful, yet I became the ugliest man, just to be your Savior.

   You know what else?
   I went through pain for you. My pain was indescribable. The cross was dreadful. But not only that, every new blister on My sore feet was worth being with you for eternity. Every meal I went without eating, every day I walked, sweaty and tired and dirty, I was thinking of you and thinking of an eternity with you. And not just physically. Emotionally, too. I was rejected by every friend I had, and was beat by My own creation. I became like My creation, yet was shown no gratitude.

   That's how I love you, dearest.
   Not with a love that is expressed on a whim,
   nor a love that's based on the outside.
     No, I spent a lifetime in misery just to have you sit on My lap one day while I brush your hair. You bring Me so much pleasure.

     Every moment of pain was worth it.
     Every accusation was worth it.
     Every rejection was worth it.
     Because I'm proud of you and of what you've become.

   Your smile is brilliant and your eyes sparkle like none of the stars in My sky ever could. Besides, I'd much rather look into your eyes than stare at the salty abyss. I love your eyes. Painting their color was one of My happiest moments..."

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