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Friday, February 17, 2012


I am Casey. I have been described many ways, but the ways I like being labeled most are as 'one of them Heard kids,' 'the girl who only wears skirts,' and 'Josiah's Girl.';)

My family is large... and crazy.
My friend Bethany never fails to be there for me... in the heart-wrenching moments and in the laugh-so-hard-you-burn-50-calories moments.

Josiah Mark, the grandd guy I've been courting for nearly 4 months, is wonderful. And quite the dashing dapper dan;)

My friends are random and... weird. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

This blog has been created (finally) to encourage me to encourage others, especially my girls who need an older sister to go before them and be the "tail lights" for them to follow. I pray I do well at this, but I'm learning that I also don't have to be perfect. God's grace will be there when I am not, and I'm constantly forgetting this.
As for other things, I'm a senior who is thankful she's not being "pushed out of the nest" and is looking forward to these next years at home, learning to live and be myself and follow my Jesus. Photo-takin', piano-playin' & song-writin' are a few of the things I like most, along with leading worship for my youth group.

This will record my adventures; the smiles, laughter, potholes and all. My prayer is that it will encourage, challenge and build up all that read what I post:)

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