Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: A Sprung Spring & Sushi

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Sprung Spring & Sushi

Spring seems to have visited us; but knowing Virginia, it'll be cold a few more times before She decides to stay for a while.
(completely unedited, fyi..)

It makes me excited to think of having a garden again, full of flowers and cherry tomatoes!!

It makes Darby happy, too:) Her cheesy little grin is the cause of much laughter and adoration from my family and friends lately.

A few random things that make me happy:

1) Eating dinner on the back porch.

Andie and Amy (Ame just got her braces off! Woot!)

(Wyatt the Jello Chef;)

Only half of the fam was home (The boys were out having man-time;) but it was kind of nice getting to spend some time with the younger set.

2) Summery dresses

I have been waiting all winter to get back into this dress! I got it on sale in the Target maternity section (randomly) towards the end of last summer. My red boots are one of my New York thrift finds from my senior trip last fall, and my bangles came from good friends with real good jewelry connections!;D

3) Sandals

Huddy gave these to me for my birthday last year; and even though they are very painful to wear for long periods of time, I so appreciate the splash of color they add to my outfit. He picked them out himself, and he has a great sense of style. (And yes, I acknowledge my extreme need for a pedicure...! I wasn't prepared for this 70-degree weather.)

4) My brother and his random chocolate milk obsession
Hayden says when he's older and out on his own that he is going to drink at least one glass of chocolate milk every day, and die at the age of 28 (fat and happy).


Mama and I have a great like of sushi. The two of us and Daddy are the only ones in the family that enjoy it, but I don't complain because that means more for me!!;) The Tokyo Love Story is one of my new favorites; mostly because I discovered it when Josiah and I went out for sushi with my parents last month, hahaha;)

And one more, for good measure...
6) Angus and Julia Stone

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  1. Did I ever tell you how your feet make me happy?! Ahahah, and tell Hayden there's nothing wrong with drinking a glass of choclate milk a day, and I doubt he will die by age 28. Nor can I see him being "fat". The "happy" part can stay, though:)
    Heehee, I didn't know you liked sushi! We should go get some together sometime. Maybe we can even get pedicures together and make it a day!