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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I like...

1) Necklaces

 2) Yelling competitions with Super Wyatt (to see who can scream unintelligible nonsense the loudest;)
 3) Sweatpants!

A few years ago, I read somewhere that if you're spending a day at home to get stuff done (which is almost everyday for a homeschooler like me) don't put on clothes that are too comfortable. Her reasoning was because when you feel a little spiffy (at least presentable) you'll get more done because you'll feel better about yourself and more motivated(not like a lazy bum). (I've teased Josiah before that if I've had a rough day, knowing that I at least look good makes my day a bit better;) I've been relatively faithful with making this suggestion a habit, and found much success! I feel way more motivated (and cuter;) after putting a nicer skirt on and shoes than wearing my pajamas all day.
Yesterday, however, was an exception. Bermuda short sweat pants, a sporty grey shirt, barefoot, AND productive. Probably because I felt so athletic and skinny in my would-be-a-workout-outfit (if I worked out;)

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