Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: The Attack of Immodesty II

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Attack of Immodesty II

  I wanted to make one more note on modesty while my brain is rolling in that direction. I wanted to touch on it before, but the previous post seemed long enough.
  I have been told that there are two types of very dangerous women when it comes to the assault on men's purity: those who know what they've got, and those that don't. Let me explain:

  There are some women who know what it does to a man when they dresses immodestly. (The "If you go it, flaunt it!" mentality.) These women are on the front lines of the assault. Some do it because they like the power; some do it because they need to feel wanted; some do it because it's the only way to get the male attention they lack/lacked in their lives. Whatever the excuse, it's wrong. It is taking advantage of weakness in a man.
   The other kind of dangerous woman, is the one who does not know what it does to a man when she dresses immodestly. These women may have low self-esteem, think of themselves as unattractive, or assume women in general are not a big temptation for men. Either way, they tend to be lazier with their dress because they undermine the influence they're making.
  Both kinds of women touch too much, reveal too much, and manipulate (intentionally or unintentionally).
  The balance comes when a girl has a general understanding of what impact she can make on men, but rather than using it for self-gratification, she uses it to protect them.
The lovely Brooke Sweeney; Photo Credd to Becca Crumrine
  There are some girls who are truly clueless (even though the category may be slim; in this day and age it's hard to be naive when it comes to what guys like about gals).
  Not to be too Humanist, but to an extent it's not really the gal's fault most times; her behavior is a result of the way she has been conditioned according to her environment. Besides the obvious cultural influence of the media, at the root of it, many girls turn to this avenue of self-gratification because their fathers failed to provide the solid love they needed to thrive. Girls need to feel accepted, protecting, loved and liked by their fathers and father figures, or a false concept of worth is subconsciously formed in her mind. When there is a void, she seeks to fill it. The easiest way to get that attention (what she believes is filling the void) is to get a boy's attention the quickest way possible.
  It is not always the fathers' fault, and never completely his fault; indeed, it all comes down to choice. We are responsible for our actions and attitudes to an unbiased God. When we get to the other side God isn't gonna let us gals slide for stealing mens' purity under the guise that "it was Daddy's fault; he didn't love me enough."

  Another reason girls succumb to becoming cheapened, is because they are ignorant of their actual worth. Ahh, this is what makes my heart break... If only they knew that the God of the Universe is head over heals with them!! that He created them specifically and beautifully!!
  It is one of the biggest issue that tugs at my heart strings. Seeing my girls, all beautiful, and unique, entirely unique, believing the lie that they're worth less because they aren't skinny or aren't curvy, that they have no chances of finding a man because they aren't worth a second glance, that they're ugly.

God does not create ugly.

  Feel free to disagree, but I believe it. If the God of the Universe took the time to care about how many freckles are on my face, or what the perfect color for my eyes are, I must be valuable.

  This is the bottom line, my ultimate agenda: I want my girls to be able to walk with dignity, knowing that they are beautiful, fully-loved, highly-valued Daughters of The King. I want them to live with confidence, knowing that they are honoring their Savior, their Lover, with the way they dress (with their clothing and their good deeds).

  There are so many more worthwhile pursuits other than shoving yourself into the mold of 'Miss Perfect.' Isn't loving, and thriving, and living a love-offering to Jesus far more fulfilling? far more fun?
Photo Credd to Becca Crumrine
  What I really wanted to say, in their defense, is that, even though I do not agree with the decisions made by all the "bikini babes" out there, they are not all predators. Most are just gals who want to have some fun. I happen to know a few bikini-wearin' girls who are really sweet. Their decisions are still wrong, but it doesn't mean they are to be judged right-off-the-bat, rather than loved. Besides, we can cope with their desires! A woman is designed to long to feel wanted. It's natural. But we also designed to be wanted by only one man, not every man!

  I hope, in some way, this was encouraging, or opened your eyes to a new perspective. Know that God does not create worthless people, or purpose-less people. In fact, He created you purposefully!

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  1. I am LOVING this girly;) Thanks for sharing your opinion! I enjoyed reading it! I am His and He is mine;) And I am am Not ugly I am made in His imige:)

    Love ya girly