Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: No Mothers, No Brothers... and No Boyfriends;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

No Mothers, No Brothers... and No Boyfriends;)

The last weekend of August, my dad pulled together what we like to call a "No Mothers, No Brothers."  In a nutshell: a Daddy-Daughter weekend with no rules, no limits, and no health food. ;)
There were 8 dads, and almost 20 girls in all, and we stayed in a terrific cabin near our crabbing destination: Lake Mattamuskeet.
 It didn't take long for the dads to start relaxing once we got there;)
The cabin was surrounded by beautiful fields.
 All crammed into one corner of the restaurant.

 A beautiful, early morning, and a perfect start to our adventures.

On our way to crabbing.

 The Blue Crabs we caught were amazing! So pretty. (Taken by Bec Crumrine)
 Mr. Williams and one of his daughters, Jamie.
 Mr. Crumrine and Bethany.
 We had a great time with other family members, too;)

 Brooke and Bec. (Don't be deceived... these were two of the Master Crabbers!)
 Daddy Dearest.

 Everyone got the chance to hold one... 
... but some didn't particularly want to;) 
I chased Bethany around with a big one for a few minutes... just cuz I love her;) Her face was worth it, yeah? 
 The road drove right through the middle of Lake Mattamuskeet, and we crabbed on either side.

It was a terrific time altogether. I'm so thankful for a father who takes the time to spend time with us, and love us, and hype us up on sugar treats.
I had a blast, Pops! Thanks again:)


  1. Great pics! Ohmygosh, that looks like so much funn! Now I wanna go crabbing, haha!
    When are we gonna hang out, girl?? I still need to give you your gifts from India, and I want to spend some quality sista-time with you before you get whisked away to nun-camp;P

  2. What a fun idea! :) Looks like all of you had a great bonding time. the pictures are beautiful, too!