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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blatant Disobedience (to the silly rules of fashion)

One thing that I so like/dislike about this time of year (especially in this part of Virginia, where there is no predictability whatsoever with the weather) is that the rules of what one can or cannot wear are slightly ignored. At least by me. Take this for example: my sleeveless brown dress (bragging moment: that I got for $4 at the thrift store!) and my beloved fuzzy boots.
(Now, I will straight-up tell you that I am not very good at taking pictures of myself... I'm ok with that though, because I'd much rather take pictures of other faces. I tend to look blurry, look uncomfortable or just incredibly awkward. Either way, these pictures are terrible, and edited really weirdly, but hopefully, you'll get the idea.)
I've always felt a little uncomfortable in defined waist-lines (I'd rather wear something that was just really fitted) but I'm trying to stretch myself, and try some new things (like empire waists). Especially things that are more modest than something that is really fitted;)
Neckline details

 One of my criteria for buying things at the thrift store (or any store) is whether or not I have other things to wear it with. And this dress is quite the success.
Yesterday I wasn't going anywhere important, so I didn't try too hard. But put together with a navy sweater, mustard scarf and hot pink belt, everything looks even more complete:
Cardigan: thrift store; Dress: thrift store; Belt: thrift store; Scarf: Target (for $15... I caved:p) Boots: DSW (last year)
 Is wearing mustard-yellow and hot pink in the same outfit a Fashion No-No? Probably. But I don't care; I like it.

Without the sweater, but a different accessory of blue
In other news, I am missing people-y environments that involve warmth and the smell of bonfires, my hair is almost long enough to look good pulled up, and the Starbucks near church gave me a free frap yesterday for taking so stinkin' long with my order. But I'm getting back into the groove of life, and am very pleased that the future seems to hold more social events, more tests, and opportunities to grow in ministry. Yes, Lord!

May you be overwhelmed with His love today, and flooded with peace. And, for Pete's sake, try something new! Life becomes way too ordinary when people become too ordinary to do anything different.

Edited to add:
The scarf from Target comes in a lot of great colors, and they're actually on sale right now (of course, AFTER I buy it...) Go check it out!

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