Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Capturing Cattails, Days 1-4

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Capturing Cattails, Days 1-4

Hello people :)

I'm going to be starting an October challenge (4 days into October... haha) to both motivate me to take more pictures and grow in my photography skills. I will be taking and posting one picture a day, with the idea that it will either be sharing an adorable face, an incredibly messy kitchen after a smoothie disaster has occurred, something I wore, food I made, whatever. Endless possibilities are around the corner. Documenting a bit of my life, too.

The title of the challenge (Captured Cattails) comes from the title of my blog. And, just in case ya'll haven't caught on yet:
Cattails = photos; 
Rabbit Trails = thoughtless/thoughtful ramblings; 
Thistlefish = fiction (which I have not tackled yet... I'm working on it).

The pics may be accompanied by other related photos, or be flying solo; they may include a random story about my awkward times at Starbucks, or any kind of thoughts I may decide to ramble about. I'm just gonna have fun with it. And ya'll are invited:)

So, to make up for the four days of October that I didn't have this on the agenda, I'll share a few of my  favorite documented "moments" from recently:
Norfolk Ferry ride
Beautiful dresses on beautiful people
Small gift from Wyatt
Tea party with the munchkins
Hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday, and are having some great moments of your own.

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