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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lost Femininity

The young ladies of this generation have lost all incentive... be well-educated and well-informed enough to protect future generations against the political/economical mistakes that are on the brink of occurring. stand firm in their femininity unless it means acquiring more rights or entitlement. look feminine in the way they dress while still keeping themselves sacred. courageously stand by - and thereby assist in the growth of - the men in their lives. rejoice in the idea of bearing and rearing children. be gentle and meek and soft-spoken because meekness and tenderness are seen as weakness.

The young ladies of this generation have lost all incentive to become women.

Women that God created because it was not good for man to stand alone. This does not mean we are superior, or so needed that they would fall flat on their faces if we did not exist. No, this means that we have the ability, the honor, the joy of calling them to higher standards and watching them rise to the challenge. We are gifted with the ability to see situations differently; to bring different passions, different emotions, different perspectives to life. We are called to softly love and honor those who are called to protect and honor us. We are called to usher in and raise the next generation of warriors into the world, to protect them, and train them.

Women, what a calling to look forward to! To train for! To step into with joy!

Being a woman carries a huge amount of responsibility. After all, our influence over men is not something to be taken lightly, and to be the affectionate and understanding mother/trainer/discipliner of the future generation isn't either. Our emotions can easily sweep us away and into trouble.

Embrace this, sisters, as not a curse, but a privilege! Imagine if more girls took on the burden of protecting men's eyes, minds, and relationships by simply adding a few layers. Imagine if more mothers stepped up to sow into their children's lives virtues that would lead and carry those who come long after we're gone.

We are called to be women. Not weak, not silly, not frivolous, not emotional wrecks, but

fierce contenders for purity, for justice, and for righteousness. 

But we never will be if we shrink back from the challenge. And to turn down great challenges is to turn down great rewards.

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