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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Style{in} Skirts: Trials

We've all had those moments - we get dressed in a hurry, or haven't noticed that the dryer shrunk that certain dress, or we just don't pay attention...

And we realize - sometimes at the most inconvenient times - that what we have on is not as "perfectly modest" as we originally thought.

There have been many times when I haven't noticed how low my V-neck was, or how short my skirt was when I crossed my legs, or how form-fitting my T-shirt was until it was too late. Sometimes I don't even realize it until I get home and my mom gives me "the look," and says, "Wow, that shirt is pretty low," or, "Maybe you should only wear that around the house..."

I hate it. I'm embarrassed, and mad at myself for not catching it sooner.

So I've been trying to implement a new strategy: wearing it at home first.
If you wear your new clothes, or clothes you're not sure about, you can kind of watch yourself as you clean your room, or go about your day at home.

Take today for example:

(Yes, I admit, not the more flattering picture... but cut me some slack! It was a stay-at-home day, and I didn't feel like putting much effort into my appearance or make-up...)

This is a new black wrap-ish shirt I got from Target recently (I'm a biggggg sucker for cheap black V-necks!!) but I wasn't too sure about how treacherous the V-neck would be. So, I left the tags on, and cleaned my room for a few minutes.

I also took these earrings on a test-run, too. Metal earrings are sometimes too heavy, and I wanted to see how badly my ears hurt after a couple of hours.

 This strategy also works for shoes!

I took these bad boys out for a walk around my chores. They're a little bit outside of my comfort zone, so this trial was a big one.

The results? The V-neck needs a safety pin, the black shoes are too big (and hurt like the dickens) and I wore the earrings all day without my ear lobes falling off!

Out of this, I now know that the V-neck is great for a quick outfit, as longs as the safety pin is still in. The earrings, too. This trial only took a few minutes (and I was being productive the whole time) and now it's gonna save me more time later, and possibly from some more embarrassing moments (or uncomfortable feet;)

 Other good times for test runs are Girl Dates. Not sure about a swim suit? Go to an empty beach with your gal friends and see how it does in the waves (I tried this, and ended up being very thankful I did later). Yesterday I went out with a friend in a V-neck that was pretty low to see how careful I had to be with it (another fail... )
If it isn't functional for a coffee date, (or a sit-up-straight choir practice,) than it needs some modifications!

Hope this helps you gals!


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  1. Those shoes would KILL me! Even though I love heels... =)