Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Confessions

Friday, November 23, 2012


~ Every time I paint my nails they last about five minutes before they get messed up ~

~ It’s hard for me to get to sleep without the stuffed animal I’ve had since I was 11 ~

~ One day I want to live somewhere I can either ride my bike to anywhere, or have to drive ~
~ an hour to get to anywhere ~
~ I hardly ever cross my legs, for fear of varicose or spider veins ~

~ A lot of my favorite girl names are traditionally boy names ~

~ My perfect job would probably involve super late nights, washing dishes ~
~ and classy business attire ~

~ If my toes aren’t painted green, I feel like I have unattractive feet, my toenails are exposed, ~
~ or I put on the wrong feet that morning ~

~ I couldn’t cuss somebody out if my life depended on it ~

~ I really liked having braces for the 20 months I had them ~

~ I can’t stand wearing tights unless I’ve shaved my legs first ~

~ Blogs with playlists typically startle the snot out of me ~

~ On of my favorite soundtracks is the modern Parent Trap ~

~ I don't look good in salmon (the color, and the fish) ~

~ The only kind of dancing I was ever good at was Irish Step Dancing ~


There you go. Some confessions. And maybe a few things that you wouldn't know about me unless you knew me.


  1. Irish Step Dancing for the win! YES. That is awesome.

    1. Thanks, Joanna;) Haven't done it in years though.. have you ever done it?

  2. BAHAHAAHAA!!! This made my night!! :D :D :D
    No, really though.
    I am totally with you on the no-shaving tights-wearing no-no and not being able to cuss anybody out. :)


    P.S. Oh, and Gurl, you already know I love your feet, green or not. ;)

    1. Hahaha, I knew you'd like that one ;D

    2. YOU ARE SO ATTRACTIVE. haha! i love you sugar snap!!