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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Style{in} Skirts: Black&Denim

One of the most terrible moments, is first thing in the morning, when your hankerin' for a good cup of coffee; you grab your mug, set it down... and there's no coffee.

So you get dressed super quick, grab a sibling, and head to the nearest Starbucks.

You get back, sipping your iced coffee, to be informed that there was, in fact, more coffee in the pantry.

No matter... out of this fiasco you realize you got to spend unplanned time with a sibling, and actually got out of your pajamas before noon.

One of the most terrible moments turned into a great one, thanks to your enthusiasm, flexibility and the grace of God.

Moral of the story: make the most of your mornings. And always check the pantry for more coffee before jumping the gun at a chance to go to Starbucks.

It's a waste of calories.

Have a great Thursday.
                           - Case

Jacket: American Eagle; Scarf: Knit; Black Shirt: Target; Skirt: Thrift Store; Boots: Thrift Store

Photo Credit: Hudson. :)

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  1. Cuuute outfit :) And that is awesome that such a horrible experience as being out of coffee turned into such a treasure <3 love those moments!