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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Style{in} Skirts: "Good Enough"

Vest: thrift; Shirt: Wal-Mart? Skirt: thrift; Thigh-high tights: Gift; Boots: thrift
I found so much satisfaction when I put this skirt on this morning.
Because it only fit on account of the weight I lost last summer.
Last fall I was having to pull a high-waisted number, just to get it on.

However it didn't take much for me to feel "lumpy" again, as I went over the pictures Hudson took of me.

I then realized how silly it is that I have to lose weight, and fit into a certain kind of clothing, and feel a certain way, just to walk confidently.
Every morning, after I get dressed, I look at myself and mutter, "Good enough," before I walk downstairs to greet this world.
And that needs to stop.
It's getting tiresome, only being "good enough."

I'm the way I am, created by a beautiful God. And my beautiful God does not create "good enough" creations.
He creates beautiful creations.

I want to walk in that, regardless of what I feel like, regardless of what others say.


Hope this transparency is encouraging, in some way.

May you grow in the confidence of His grace, more and more.
And have a great Wednesday :)


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  1. Your transparency is refreshing, especially nowadays. I wish more young ladies had your wisdom and virtue, my friend. You are a living, breathing, walking encouragement and blessing, and I deeply appreciate your friendship(and just YOU in general;)! I love youu!!