Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: The Latest Smoothie

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Latest Smoothie

It's no secret that smoothies are one of my favorite things. However, one of the dilemmas I run into in the mornings is protein. Being allergic to dairy and all, I can't just use a lot of milk, or a helping heap of yogurt in my smoothie, and I don't always have time to make something to eat with it. Almond milk doesn't have enough protein in it, either.

That brings me to my latest creation. (I don't really measure my ingredients; I just kind of throw it together and keep adjusting until it tastes right.) In general, it consists of:

- frozen mixed berries
- a smallsmallsmall portion of soy chocolate ice cream (don't judge)
- a good serving of peanut butter
- almond milk (or coconut milk. **this is the only thing that keeps the smoothie from being super thick, though, so you need a lot)

So there you go. You've got fruit, fats/oils (from the peanut butter),  and protein (from the soy ice cream, the almond milk and the peanut butter). You could even add a handful of spinach to get some veggies in.

The only reason I don't feel guilty about the little bit of ice cream in it, is that I don't really eat many sweets nowadays, and I don't really like the ice cream by itself. So this makes sure I don't waste it;)
I'm also a peanut butter freak, so this smoothie suits me well.

Let me know what ya'll think, if you get around to trying it;)


  1. Very creative Casey. :) It was so good seeing you last night! We really need to get together soon.

    1. Thanks, Sarah;)

      I had so much fun last night! And yesyes, I believe a get-together IS in order;)