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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Style{in} Skirts: And a Tribal Necklace.

Sorry if my recent posts have been less than thrilling ya'll. I've been terribly busy. And, on top of that, my outfits have mostly consisted of work-out clothes (due to my recent Y membership;) and put-on-something-socially-acceptable-and-run-out-the-door outfits... which makes for some highly unsatisfying "Style{in} Skirts" posts.

Today was a big day, though. I took the SAT's (Amy says it stands for the Super Awesome Test ;) It felt great to (FINALLY) be done with it. I'm glad I won't have to take it again.
(I'm also glad I do not go to Public School. I took it at the public school nearest me, and got nothing but cold, haughty stares for my smiles. It was a strange feeling..)

Also, tonight my siblings performed for a Christmas dance that they've been practicing for weeks. Storyland Christmas is put on by MasterWorks every year, and it's great. Josiah came with his siblings, too, which was an awesome surprise :)

I've spent a lot of time with Darby this week, which has been super. But it has also reminded me part of why I love this season so much. Hearing her exclaim, "Wow!" with large, exaggerated sighs every time we pass Christmas lights make me grin real big. She's so full of wonder.
I love it.

Blue Shirt: Bass; Brown Shirt: TJMaxx (CLEARANCE) Skirt: thrifted; Boots: thrifted.
Believe it or not, this outfit is a bit out of my comfort zone.
Because it only incorporates three colors.
Kid you not.

For most people, I guess this would make them more comfortable, knowing that they match so well. However, I feel far more comfortable in an outfit that uses loads of colors and it a bit more... random?
I think part of the reason my skin crawls at matching things so well is
1) fashion rules are silly. and they're, well... rules;
2) because I am intimidated by girls who are sooo put together. And I don't want to be intimidating;
3) because I think it's silly when girls plan their outfits days in advance. Yes, it is fun; and yes, I admit I've done it a few times. But there are so many other things that are far more important.

And I think my pride gets in the way of looking like someone who spends all her time picking out her clothes. Cuz I'm not. I pulled this all together in less than ten minutes this afternoon.

Actually, that's probably my biggest reason.


This necklace is one of my favorites. It came from Bethany's stash of bling from her great-grandmother's house. And besides that awesomeness, we both couldn't decide if it was cool or not. (We called it the Tribal Necklace.) So, we challenged me (actually, I just challenged myself... I think she knew I would wear it regardless) to rock it.
And I have. Several times.

Well, I hope ya'll's weekend is off to a fabulous start. Wear tons of crazy colors, go way overboard with the caffeine, and alwaysalwaysALWAYS slurp your Jell-O.
It's late.
And I'm way tired.

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