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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Style{in} Skirts: Thrice

This orange skirt was an impulse buy earlier this year, and has become one of my absolute favorites. I've liked taking up the challenge of finding new things to wear it. (You can wear so many different colors with a burnt orange!) Here are the latest results ;)
I've never liked sweaters much, because I feel frumpy wearing them in public. However, I puffy heart the color of this one, and it's super comfortable, so I've been trying to stretch myself.
When I do wear sweaters like this, I always wear a good shirt underneath anyways, just in case I end up feeling frumpy later, I can always take it off.
Also, introducing... my Eskimo Boots! They're another one of my favorite winter things.
Sweater: Bass
Grey shirt: Target
Skirt: Target
Boots: Christmas gift years ago
To emphasize the high-waisted-ness of the skirt, I wore a shorter, black, flowy shirt and a showier belt. Purple tights and my black pumps add some more color and a little bit of class ;)
(The last two pictures aren't the greatest of quality. Huddy and I were hustlin' to get some snapshots before the sun went down!)
Purple coat:
Shirt: Hand-me-down
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
I also wore it here with more layers, with a navy shirt, green vest, blue tights and green boots. And, of course, my bracelets ;)

Vest: Old Navy
Shirt: Gap?
Tights: Had them a while
Boots: thrifted

Also, I've begun to notice that practically everything I wear regularly is from Target or a thrift store. Perhaps I need some more variety? But then again, my lack of money may get in the way of that ;)

Have a terrific Tuesday, lovelies!

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  1. Your blog is so cute! I love what cute outfit ideas you have! Follow mine at and we can be blog buddies :)

  2. SUPER cute outfit! I love burnt orange too... sadly my only burnt orange piece of clothing is a shirt that now has two holes in it, ugh! Haha.

    P.S. I have that grey Target shirt!! I love it.

    1. Aww, bummer!
      Oh man, those V-necks are some of my FAVES!!

  3. You're totally workin that skirt Casey! ;) I love having several different outfits to use that one favorite piece of clothing in. Hope you're doing well!

    1. Thanks, Girl! But not as good as you were workin that dress Saturday! ;)

    2. Oh gosh. :] you're too sweet.

  4. Very, very cute! You are such a beauty Casey! On the inside and outside:)