Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: A Speck

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Speck

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about today.
But it was a day.
A speck of a day.

However, I'm exhausted.
Is exhausted blogging as dangerous as drunk tweeting?
We shall see!

Sunday night left me fearing this week would be a bit of a train-wreck, but I think I'm feeling confident enough to face it head-on.
Circumstances at my dad's office have opened up an opportunity for me to work this week
which is stupendous!
I'm caught between "This is such a blessing! I have a job!"
and "Ohhhh-my-word, I have so much to do, so many people to see, and so much to plan before I leave! How on earth am I going to get everything done on top of working?!"

So you know all of those fabulous posts I had planned for this week?
Well, they might not happen.
Just kidding. I didn't have anything planned. Haha.

Today was good.

Rocked these babies all stinkin' day.
My feet are unthankful.
(And yes, I'm taking pictures in the bathroom at the office... classy, right?)
Also, I think it's incredibly ironic that every time I have an crazygood hair day,
it's the one day it doesn't matter.
How come it doesn't look like this everyday?
Humble pie, people. Humble pie.
Just watch; tomorrow night I will be looking like some sort of half- permed Golden Retriever. 
 Between work and the Y, I got a Health Nut smoothie.
Total score, too, because they took so long that they gave me a bag of chips and two bottles of water for freeeeeee.
 And hey! Meet my new tennis shoes!
I've been using my mom's old tennis shoes for a long time now, so it feels good to have some that are actually mine,
and, yes,
they are PINK.

So I was totally legit in cycling class today.
Mostly because I was wearing tennis shoes that were at least 5x as fabulous as everybody else's. 


So! How'd I do?

Hopefully this was as, or more, entertaining than drunk tweeting. ;)
Just kidding. It probably wasn't.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week.
Full of delightful "speck-of-a-day" days that are worth remembering. :)

Love, Casey


  1. Haha it was a good post. Those tennis shoes are AWESOME and I would love some fabulous ones like that cause mine are just ugly grey ones.

    1. I've had grey ones for the longest time..
      And it's weird, I feel like I run faster in new tennis shoes.. ;)

  2. sweet! What kind of work are you doing at the office? :)

    1. I'm just helping out with everything ;) Faxing, phones, labels. The dirty work;)
      Typically, I'm not needed on such an irregular basis, but a lot of employees have been calling in sick.

  3. EHRMEGERSHHHHH! Those shoes are completely FANTASTIC!!!!

    1. If I could like your comment, I totally would. ;)