Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Belly Flop

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Belly Flop

Two things you wouldn't know about me unless you've lived with me:
1. I like eating from mugs.
2. I like drinking from mason jars.

I don't eat much, though, or often. This wasn't really a problem until I started exercising a lot. 
Now I need more protein, but I still don't eat much. 
So I've been trying to incorporate more protein in my meals without adding to the portion size and without cheating my dairy, egg and gluten allergies. 

The Result?

A weird pasta, that was almost a success.
- brown rice spaghetti noodles
- refried beans
- chicken breast
- crushed tomatoes
- salt and garlic

It was pretty good, considering it consisted mainly of leftovers..
The only problem was, it was a bit flavorless. If I knew more about spices, I probably could have fixed it. 
But hey, I'm learning :)


  1. That looks scrumptious! Ohh, and by the way, you deffinitelyy need to come get coffee/tea with me at The Cure in Norfolk...especially if you like drinking from mason jars! ;)
    Plus, they have an open mic on Wednesday nights, and we should totally do a dual jam-session. Bam. XD

    1. The Cure?? I've never heard about it!!
      Dude. Jam session. YES.

  2. Haha awesome. I never really eat out of mugs but as far as mason jars go it's the majority of our drinking glasses in our cupboard :)

    1. Oh, I might be a little weird for eating pasta in a mug, but everyone knows mugs are bestest for ice cream;)