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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Casey - Be Thankful.

As a kid, I always thought being 18 would be magical. Don't know why. It just would.
Turns out though, that at the end of 2012, and almost the end of my 18th year, I've never been more grateful to move on.
2012 was rough. 18 was rough.

But they were good. I'm sure they were.
I just have to remember why.

So, I thought I'd go through some pictures and some journal entries and pull together the highlights of why this was, indeed, a good year.

I was in a wedding:
A few of us bridesmaids
Got my ears pierced with a friend:

Went camping with my fam:

I graduated High School:
Coming home from my last day of school!
The ceremony

Had a great summer job...
with my best friend... (bonus;)

I helped lead a local missions trip:

I shot my first, and second, pre-wedding shoots:

Had a great Father-Daughter weekend:

Lost weight by changing my eating lifestyle:

Started fashion blogging:

Got a new baby brother!

Went to the mountains with my fam:

Attended my first masquerade ball:

Attended my first 18yr+ concert:
photo cred: Erric Dryfka 
Had some great double dates:

Performed in Handel's Messiah:

Got our first real Christmas tree in years:

Those are a few of the big wonderful things.
There were also a lot of big terrible things, that seem to outnumber the wonderful somehow.

But I know that those terrible things will end up being a part of something that's even more wonderful than all the wonderful things.
Because my God is good. And my God knows best.


  1. Aww such fun. I loved all your photos. Looks like a good year :)

    P.S. for whatever it's worth, age 18 was kinda awful for me. Haha. But the awesome thing is that with a good attitude like you have, God blesses that and I bet this next year is going to be a really good one :)

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one! ;) Thanks, Lacey

  2. I love the quote that says "you must go through the valley to stand upon the Mountain of God." It's just so true. I think it's great that you're reminding yourself of the easy blessings God put in your life this year, and also keep in mind that everything else was blessings in disguise. Obviously He knows what He's doing. ;) Praying for you!
    p.s. have you listened to The Struggle album by Tenth Ave North? You should.

    1. I have not! I will be sure to give that a listen soon. :)