Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Closer to the Fearless

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Closer to the Fearless

I find that this is the week that is full of posts and tweets and such about the New Year, and how awesome the coming year will be.
And resolutions.

However, I haven't liked resolutions for a long time. I always figured, why should I wait for the transition from one year to the next to determinedly focus on the changes I want to see in me? Life is full of "news".
New weeks.
New days.
New hours.
New breaths.
Why don't we treat those "news" the same way: with joyful anticipation of the changes that will come as a result of our resolutions?

However, January does present the delightful opportunity of taking stock of the past year.
It also presents the delightful opportunity to consider how I want to take stock of 2013 when I'm on the verge of 2014.

I do not have any New Years Resolutions like "go to the gym," "cook more," "write at least 15 songs," "read 20 books," "learn to surf," and stuff like that.
And even if I did, I doubt you would even be interested in knowing what they were.
However, I do know what kind of person I want Casey to be on the verge of 2014. I know what places need work. Where I want to grow.

I want to be self-disciplined enough to live healthily (both spiritually and physically).
I want to explore scary ideas (like cooking).
I want to grow in creativity, and stretch myself.
I want to learn new things.

Most of all, though,
I want to get closer to the fearless, passionate, tender-hearted, courageous, Christ-like woman I am meant to be, by finding myself deeper and deeper in the eyes of my King.
If I fix my stare and my heart on His, my eyes and my heart become His.

I guess you could say that that is my New Year's Resolution.

On January 1, 2014 I just want to look back at January 1, 2013 and see a marked difference - in the way I feel things, think things, and do things.

P.S. I am sorry for my absence over the weekend. I was out of town, enjoying the fellowship of friends and family... and trying very hard to focus on living those terrific moments, instead of stressing out about a blog post.
I hope these past weeks have found you there, too.


  1. Casey, you never fail to amaze me. You are and continue to be a inspiration to me. I feel the same about setting up resolutions and how we confine them to the beginning of the year. I agree that every day is a new opportunity for improvement.
    Love you, my sweet!

    P.S. resolutions aside, I'm up for taking you surfing this summer, if ya want! ;)

    1. Dude, just because I said "learn to surf" isn't a resolution, doesn't mean it's not on my 2013 Bucket List! ;D
      This year, we WILL go!

  2. Hello, hello! I nominated you for the Liebster award {Sorry if you've been nominated before or if this isn't your thing}!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Haha, I feel the saaaame way. I have never made resolutions because I want to always be changing, evolving, and bettering myself. Why wait?! I have a few things I want to make sure I work on this year, but that too will change and evolve as our Creator reveals new things to me in time :)

    Happy New Year! :D

  4. Happy New Year Casey!!! :) I hope we get to see more of eachother in 2013. :)