Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Snow is for Sweaters .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow is for Sweaters .

We didn't bother bundling up. 
We just kind of went as we liked.

We stayed outside 'til our finger fell off
And the flurries had turned our clothes white.

The camera was soaked, our sweaters soggy,
But we laughed as we shook off the flakes.

Then looked at each other, ran right back outside,
Because it's irresistible, this beauty He's made!!

Love, Casey

p.s. model credit: Faith Flick


  1. Aww this is the best. I love the friendship you can see through the pictures and in the words. And I don't just mean the friendship between you two girls, but also the delight you have in God's work :) That is the BEST isn't it?!

    1. It really is.
      Crazy, isn't it, how His goodness and greatness can be seen by any in all places in life?

  2. Those pictures are really nice ! And I love the green shoes ! You girls seem to have a lot of fun...In my area (in France) we had snow last weekend and I had a blast with my cousin...but now everything has melted, it's so sad !
    Anyways, have a blessed day
    Marie, a reader from France

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marie! I love hearing from my readers, and where they're from! :)

  3. AYy, gurl...where you gots dem boots? ;)
    Haha, these are beautimous, as are the two of you!

    1. Oh, you know, just from some superly-thoughtful friend who knows my taste so well ;)

      Miss you, girl!