Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Various Colored Pens and Markers.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Various Colored Pens and Markers.

This is my list of goals for Before Colorado.
In various colored pens and markers.
Not for the stuff of what I need to buy, pack, or stress out about,
but the stuff I want to get done nevertheless.

1. Photo shoot(s) - I dearly miss taking pictures of people. And it'd be dandy to get some fresh faces to capture. Maybe even do my first couple/family shoots!

2. Finish unfinished artwork - I am a pro at starting projects (especially painting projects) and never, ever finishing them. But I don't want to come home to a bunch of partially-painted canvases. There is one especially that I started painting for Mama that I really want done.

3. Hang stuff on my wall/from my ceiling - This kind of goes along with #2. I have a lot of little lovelies that I've gathered that I want on my wall... and right now, they're in my floor. Which is not ideal.

4. Doodle more - Ever since I've graduated and ceased sitting in classes so often, I have not been doodling. And I found that my inspiration flowed much smoother when I did. Not sure why, but lyrics flowed as the shapes did.

5. Write more - Novels, stories, songs, poems, and nonsensical ramblings... All of these bring me so much pleasure to create. I need to do them more.

6. Coffee date 'til the cows come home - More than anything, there are lots and lots of people I want to touch base with before I leave. Most of them probably won't happen... I have a very long list. (So, dear friends of mine, if I don't see you much before I leave, it's not because I didn't want to. It just means my list of people was longer than was possible. :)

7. Enjoy my family - I will inevitably be spending a lot of time with my family (since I live with them) but being around them and actually enjoying them are two different things. I want to consciously take the time to make them feel special, and have fun with them.

8. Find a new place that's lovely - I want to explore a little bit (which will probably end up happening on some coffee dates? and photo shoots?) and find some delightful places to go, and just be there.

9. Wear (and rock) red lipstick as often as possible - There's just something about looking fabulous just for the sake of looking fabulous. Even if it means wearing heels and red lipstick and my best pencil skirt when there's nothing worth celebrating besides another day to live life.

10. Buy lots of crazy tights  - I really like crazy tights. And I want more of them. Not just in crazy colors, but in some patterns, too.

11. Write a sappy/whimsical/comical song to sing when I get homesick - I know that, eventually, I'm going to get homesick. When I do, I know I'm going to want something to sing that will make me cry and smile at the same time. But I have to write it before the emotion happens, or else I'll be so overwhelmed it will inhibit the words and the melody.

So I realize now that I ended up with 11 things on my list. 
And that delightful little odd number is going to drive me crazy.
Because it's odd.
But, oh well.
Lists make me happy.

I hope you're having a terrific week.
Full of lovelies - people, places, coffee, laughs.

Love, Casey


  1. Haha, this list is wonderful and too cute! Make sure to keep us updated on the progress! Happy Friday!

  2. :) Sounds terrific! Yeah, uneven numbers drive me crazy too. :D

  3. Perfect list. I'll put myself out there and say I LOVE odd numbers and abhor even numbers. So I am happy you have eleven!

    1. Actually, Lacey, I'm typically in the "abhor even numbers" category too, but for some reason it just didn't seem right to have a list of 11... Since when do people post "Top 11 Things I'm Going to do Before CO?"
      Just saying, it feels like it should be 10 ;)

  4. So, Casey.
    What is the Colorado trip for?

    1. I'm going for a 9-week internship... And I keep forgetting that people don't know! Haha.
      I will post something about it soon! :)