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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogger Friends

This Monday I had the opportunity to hang out with some fantastic ladies. Rachel and Sarah Heffington  and their mother had me and Mama over for tea!
Rachel and Sarah have been distant acquaintances of my family for a few years now, but the girls and I first really connected over blogging! It's such a great way to be a part of each others' lives even though our visits are few and far between.
Sarah made these terrific Buckeye Brownies, and she will soon be featuring a post here on Cattails, Rabbit Trails and, Thistlefish with the recipe! Also, Rachel made these really good Almond Joy Truffles, which she posts about here.
Me and some of the Heffington gang
Mama and Mrs. Heffington
Sarah, me, and Rachel
It's always really cool to connect with gals my age with similar family situations (they come from a big, homeschooling family, too!) and who are learning how to become "of more worth than rubies," if you will.

And, it's SUPER nice having friends who talk in blogging too! :)

Thanks again, Heffington gals, for having us!

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  1. It was such a pleasure to have you two over!! :) I'm so glad we could hook up before you head to CO!