Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Painting with Light : By Rob Flora

Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting with Light : By Rob Flora

Here’s a fun thing to try the next time you have a few friends over.  

Stuff you will need:

A camera with a manual setting mode, 
a tripod, 
glow sticks or colored plastic cups, 
and a few friends! 

First and foremost you need a tripod (a table or trashcan will do in a pinch) to make sure your picture doesn’t get blurry.  
Most cameras have a manual mode on them (take a look at your owners manual.. its the booklet that came with your camera that you’ve probably never looked at) you will need to set the aperture to F7 or so the iso to around 400 and the shutter speed to 20 seconds or more.  There is no exact science to this but these settings are a good place to start.  

Plan out your shot!

You will only have the time allowed by your camera’s shutter to create your image.  Use the flashlight to paint light on your subject (an external camera flash, if you have one, works the best) then use the glow sticks or flashlights with plastic cups over them to paint in different effects in your shot.  You could also try using sparklers for some fun added light.  So be creative and have fun!

Here are a few images I created this year on a camping trip.  Enjoy!


I'm Rob, Casey's favorite uncle. I am a devoted Christian, husband to my bride of 15 years, father & school principal to four brilliant homeschoolers. Following my full time job at home with my family, I am a 9-5er computer network engineer, but my love is photography. I shoot as much and as often as I can as a part-time side business with hopes of, one day, making it a full time reality.

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