Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Colorado Week 1

Friday, February 15, 2013

Colorado Week 1

Hey ya'll! Thought I'd share a few moments from this past week :)

Bus ride to Windsor...

My first sight of the mountains! Barely...;)

 My first CO snow! It's wayyy better than Virginia snow. I was kind of flipping out.

Lotssss of scarves.

My daily greens...

And my daily chocolate! (just kidding... V-Day present from the fam;)

And there are beautiful sunsets here.


Cattails, Rabbit Trails, And Thistlefish reached 10,000 pageviews!!
Thanks, everyone :)


 Hope ya'll are in for a fantastic weekend! 

More guest posts come Monday :)

Love, Casey


  1. Snow!!! oh, I miss it<3 Buuuuut it's supposed to snow here tomorrow! Even though it was like summer today:)
    These pictures are fantastic Casey!
    I missss youuuu soooo muccchhh!!!<3 Love you bunches lovely one!<3

  2. Congrats girl! Your in my prayers and I love you (and I am proud of you too!).

  3. yay!! Looks like you are having fun :D I am still trippin' that you know what ellerslie is hahaha.