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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Style{in} Skirts : Work-Out Edition

From (very limited) experience, I have found that working out is way more motivating when 1) you're in a good groove of doing it regularly, and/or 2) you feel like you look good. Walking with confidence is a key to success in almost every area of life. This confidence cannot come completely from appearance, but that is a part of it.

So when I got a Y membership, one of my first challenges was finding things to wear that were practical and modest. I also knew that going out in a old, baggy t-shirt and sweatpants multiple times a weak was not going to be appealing to me. If I was going to have a night out, I should at least look presentable.

Shirt (a fave): TJMaxx (less than $10)
Skirt: Target (forever ago)
(Top) Pants: TJMaxx (less than $15)
(Bottom) Biker Shorts: WalMart
The skirt I got from Target a couple of years ago, and wore for soccer games. It was probably $15-20, but I've worn it an unbelievable amount of times. Things like this are easy to miss because typically you don't look for soccer clothes at Target. With these types of things, keep your eyes open, and be creative!

 Shirt: Old Navy (forever ago)
Skirt: Target (same as the gray one)
Pants: TJMaxx
Jacket: Patagonia (the only thing that wasn't cheap...but I totally puffy-heart it)
 Shirt: Had for forever
(Left) Skort: TJMaxx
(Right) Skirt: Thrifted

It's been fun to try different combinations of what I already have, along with treating myself to some actual work out gear (like the blue shirt, and the black pants). The biggest challenges are 1) lightweight skirts with enough mobility/flexibility, and 2) shirts that aren't too tight/revealing (but that's nothing new). Also, a gal's best friends (besides some awesome sports braziers) are biker shorts and capri leggings.

It's also a good thing to think ahead to what you are doing... like, when I'm going to yoga class, I should obviously wear something different that what I'd wear to cycling.


(p.s., in case you were wondering, no, I haven't had time to work out in CO... but I've missed it so much! This post was, indeed, a draft I wrote beforehand... is that cheating? Maybe, but it's pretty practical for this situation!)
(p.s.s., see how well my boot rack is working? yeah... not the cleanest my room has ever been... this is why I have only ever posted one "organization" post. haha!)


  1. These outfits are soooooo cute and work-out-like!!:)
    I totally know what you mean about cute work out clothing!:) (seriously): it's definitely a plus looking cute during a work-out!!!:)

  2. Cutest workout clothes ever. I like to look cute when working out too, I hate wearing old t shirts and sweatpants!

  3. wow! I'd never even considered this idea of actual workout clothes, Casey! :D I can't imagine why. Anyway, I think you look adorable, and that's just an awesome set of outfits up there. Thanks for the inspiration!