Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Colorado Week 3

Friday, March 1, 2013

Colorado Week 3

Some more weekly updates!!

A lot of these portray "re-runs."
For instance,

I wore more scarves:

Ate more awesome breakfasts:
(granola from Mama;)
Ate more weird breakfasts:

And there was more snow:

And endlessly beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

But there were some unique things from this week!
Like, hanging out with these chicas:

This is Melissa and Brie.
And they make me laugh SO. MUCH.

Also, the static in the air is RIDICULOUS here:

The mornings here are, too:

(That, and the static, make for some pretty interesting mornings getting ready for the day.)

I got my first packages from home this week! Amy and Mama were super sweet to compile lots of things that make me smile... like Christmas lights and drawings!!

But I don't know if I like what was inside the package better, or the package itself:

Can you believe? She sent her first college child a package... in a Huggies box.

I laughed. so. hard.
Leave it to Mama to make sure I know which box is mine ;)

I miss everybody in VA so much! Can't wait to get back:)

Hope ya'll are having a super week!

Love, Case

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