Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Missing or Hurting; Empty or... Empty

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Missing or Hurting; Empty or... Empty

I'm trying to decide which is better...
to be hardened against all danger of the world and loss and love
and miss out?
or to be unrestrained and crazy and all-in when it comes to love
and get your heart broken and hurt and bruised.

I'm leaning towards the first.

Sometimes, the fact that I'm an "all-or-nothing" type of person is annoying.
It means I stink at balancing.
It means I stink at restraint.

What would be worse?
To miss out on love?
or to never be hurt by it?
It doesn't seem like I can avoid either.
I have to either be missing out or hurting.

There has to be a balance between being a hardened stoic and being dangerously passionate.
Because the former is an empty house
and the latter is a full house.
But only full of cats.
Because only cats can deal with the emotional basket-case of a person that results from being dangerously passionate.
And even a house full of cats will leave you empty.

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