Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Resilient & Bright Yellow

Monday, May 6, 2013

Resilient & Bright Yellow

Inspirational things.
Like growing things.
Like smiley things.
Like pink, and stripes, and crazy hair days.
Like green tea in mason jars.

And dandelions.
Am I the only one who finds absolute delight in those fluffy, yellow, sprouty things?

I think, if I were a flower, I might be something like a dandelion. Do you know how obnoxious and annoying dandelions are? You can't kill them. Can't get rid of them. They grow everywhere. And even if you can, you don't really want to. They're bright, and growing, and thriving, and cheerful, and look so childishly innocent in your hair.
It's not really conventional to have a dandelion garden. But I want one. 
I want to be like one.
Resilient, and childish, and growing, and cheerful, and bright yellow.


  1. This is precious. This is a "me" post. I love it to death. And I love you too. But not to death. Because I don't want to kill you--you're much to lovely and lively and precious. ;)