Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: { Hello J U N E }

Sunday, June 2, 2013

{ Hello J U N E }

For me, June came way too fast.
But I think that's partially because I was in Colorado for all of Virginia's spring.
I'm still not used to the idea that summer is very much indeed here.

Anyways. I'm determined to see my summer (June included) full of adventure. Which is difficult! This is my first summer with a "real" job (meaning, I'm not in control of my own schedule), I will be finishing a few school courses at home, on top of trying to become more involved in ministry and church. Hayden and I are also going to ROME in July for a week!

So my summer looks really busy. And it's so easy to get stressed and discouraged by the multitude of obligations and the lack of social engagements. But I'm a firm believer of "It is what you make it."
So I will make this a great summer.
I will refuse to become stressed about things that won't matter in five years,
and choose to pour myself out into the things (and people) of eternal value.
I want eternity's eyes this summer.

There you are, June.
My summer resolution:
M A K E  S U M M E R  G R E A T

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