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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vision Renewed

This past week or two has been challenging. Amongst starting college, family vacation, and working out work schedules, I am going through a major process of figuring out who exactly I am.

Without getting into all that, I also reached a breaking point Monday morning when I realized I hated myself; specifically in my appearance. Hated. Here I am, ready to step into this new leg of my life as a college gal, and I feel completely awful. I didn't feel ready any more; I wasn't excited; I didn't feel appealing at all, or at any level.

My wonderful mother took that Monday morning to help me get rid of lots of clothes that were encouraging this mindset, but what was really discouraging was when we were checking out these fashion bloggers that we've seen before, which had in the past been a source of fun inspiration to the two of us.
However, a few minutes into it, I looked at Mama, in exasperated frustration, and said, "All these people are either stick-skinny or they're mothers!"

And then it hit me: This is why I started fashion blogging in the first place.
It was because I was tired of not having girls that I could look to who knew how to pull colorful, conservative outfits together, and wasn't someone who was super skinny (because I'm not). And I KNOW that there have to be some girls out there who are like me, who are craving for someone to encourage them in this pursuit of femininity, someone who knows how frustrating it is at times, and who can be there to say, "You're not the only one!"

That's why I fashion blog.
Not because I'm the bee's knees.
Not because I'm super put together.
But because I like my look - or at least, I'm starting to -
and I want to let you know that you have the freedom to like yours, too.
Even if it doesn't look like the pretty girls on the Kohl's advertisements, or doesn't fit in the "cool" H&M category.

I don't have a body type that fits the trends. And I'm learning to love that, and see it as an opportunity to explore greater creativity.

I haven't had a fashion post since June. (Wow, this summer's gone fast!) But I had lost my vision for what this kind of blogging means.
Just letting ya'll know; it's back again:)

P.S. Picture taken by Mama;)

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