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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Style{in} Skirts: College...

So college started this past week! And while this was the look I was trying to emulate:
This is what's going through my mind:
 No, not anger. But a mix of excitement, thrill, nerves, and "oh my gosh, I cannot believe I already have this much homework due by yesterday."
I guess that looks a little bit like anger. Ha...
 Anyways... This was one of my faves this week. I'm totally not a "tuck-your-shirt-in" kinda gal, but I was trying something new.
And, I really like my fish necklace. Just sayin'..
Shirt: Old Navy // Vest: Thrift Store // Skirt: Gap // Shoes: Payless // Necklace: Antique/Junk Store

It would be really easy to be stressed out at this point, but I'm not. Classes, homework, new community,  a job, family, church involvement... all this is surely enough to give me a good excuse to freak out.
But I'm not.

It is only by His grace that I know any sort of peace right now.
 Because, honestly, there is no reason I should be peaceful right now.

Really, there's no reason to. The Lord is continually proving that He cares about these things, and will watch out for me. He knows what I need, including the time to do all these things.

(Hope ya'll have had a great couple of weeks... Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner!:)


  1. So excited for you about the whole Regent-thing! If I had gone to college, Regent looks like an awesome place. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!You're going to Regent?! I love Regent! They're so great. I plan on attending there once I take my basic classes at TCC. :)