Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: "Wooding It"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Wooding It"

For the next week my family is "wooding" it.
We're in a camper.
But you get it.

We've been hiking, and reading, and driving a lot.

I like being with my family, and I like being outside, but when the two are put together?
One of my favorite combinations EVER.

It's great to have a family of 12 that can survive being put together in one RV for a whole week - including two 15-hour drives - without killing each other. It really isn't normal.

But then again... we're not normal.

 I'm gathering up all these little moments and putting them aside in a special mental box that I can go through one day when I'm lonely and missing them, after I'm off and married somewhere and going on family adventures looks a bit different. Because I know that one day I'm going to wish for this back. I'm going to wish for camping trips with Dad's traditional egg mcmuffins. I'm going to miss camping trips with a full 15-passenger and sleepy kiddos. I'm going to miss seeing more parks and dirty bathrooms than historic sites.

So I'm scoopin' them all up, and packing them away. I'll bring them with me when I move out.

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