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Monday, September 30, 2013


Someone told me the other night that I had everything to look forward to.
They told me that when the time is right
it will be a fight without the striving and the strife.
That “sticking it out” will look like casting all fears and anxieties on the Lord,
not clinging to them.
That there will be a bedrock of peace throughout.
Even when it gets hard.

I didn't ask for advice. I wasn't even in a bad mood, or moping around waiting for someone to give me a reason to be happy. I was already cheerful. And for some reason someone who wouldn't normally talk to me imparted truth to me that was so crucial.

I’m so thankful that You bring people into my life, 
even for just moments,
to tell me something I can’t tell myself.
You know how and when I need people who have “been there.”

I’m so thankful You know my needs.
And I’m thankful that that person told me that
I have everything to look forward to.
Even though I didn't realize that I didn't think that was true.

(photo credit: Mary)

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