Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Happy

Monday, October 21, 2013


So in all my time of catching up, and striving, and downing gross coffee just to keep myself going, sometimes I forget to just enjoy the things that are happy.
You know, the things that are completely pointless and inconsequential outside of the fact that they just make me happy.

So. I'm gonna make a list of HAPPY.

1) LATTES: Especially soy and caramel and ultra foamy.
2) RICHMOND: Especially in the fall.
3) KNITTING: Especially red things.
4) FUZZY BLANKETS: Especially all the time.
5) LEAVES: Um, it's fall. Duh.
6) DENIM: Especially the denim shirt I just bought, which isn't the one in the picture.
7) BOOTS: Especially my grey ones that I can where with everything and it feel like I'm wearing slippers.
8) PURPLE: Especially when it's the color of my new sweatpants, and the color I put in my hair (and, for some reason, I've just been drawn to that color recently...)
9) SHOPPING: Especially in the form of a free clothing swap.

And, there's nine.
For some reason ten is supposed to be the proper number to list off,
but I feel like nine is plenty proper.
So, there.

Hopefully, your Monday has been fantastic, and you are enjoying lots of HAPPY today :)

Love, C

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