Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Hobbling through MA

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hobbling through MA

I never know how to begin blog posts that are slightly pointless, besides simply giving you a peek into my life. So I'll just go for it.
I am sitting somewhere in Massachusetts, at a seminary.
The building is very big and echo-y.
Outside is deliciously cold.
I forgot my headphones in the car that is parked 3 miles away.
And I'm struggling to keep this desk from looking like my desk at home 
(slightly difficult with my many books, camera card importer, and empty beverage cups that formerly held an amazing caramel coffee and a Naked smoothie).

(The empty coffee cup is the reason I'm a bit antsy.
Blogging mid-morning after a coffee and a power-boost smoothie probs isn't a good idea. But, whatever.)

To make more sense of why I'm here in Massachusetts, let me share something that for some VERY ODD reason I haven't shared yet:
These two....
are getting MARRIED.
I've been sworn to secrecy of this great news for so long, sometimes I forget I can tell people!
And while I could go on and on about how I'm so excited two of my best friends in the world are finally getting married, I'll just let ya'll use your imagination.
Imagine your two best friends
getting married
Now multiply that excitement by 478.
And you know how excited I am.

So, they're the reason I'm in Massachusetts. Because, when Eric wants to check out a school 11 hours from home, why wouldn't he want to make it an awesomely, super-fun road trip with his fiancé and her loud, annoying best friend?
I'm taking the opportunity to take a lot of spontaneous cute couple pictures (they'll thank me for always sticking the camera in their faces later) and catching up on some reading/writing. And, because we left Wednesday night, it means my weekend came all that quicker and lasts that much longer. *WIN*

In other news,
I've been on crutches the past week and a half.
Which is awful.
And my friends at school now affectionately call me "Hobbles."
But, it's okay because my awesome mom just rented me a scooter.
And, now that I'm technically handicapped, people get out of my way quite quickly.

Also, I'm planning on sharing a bunch of Italy pictures with ya'll soon! Hopefully my homework load the next week or two will allow time for that...

And that's all I can think of for now. I hope ya'll are headed into a GREAT weekend! The beautiful fall weather is finally settling in VA, and it's in full swing here up north! Go out and enjoy it.
Bundle up,
take a walk,
collect some leaves,
press them in some books for no purpose,
because it's October,
and because you can,
make something pumpkin-y.
Or buy it.
Which I'm all for, since I can't bake or cook for my life.

October's almost over!! Live and love it up:)

Love, Case

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