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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Every Last Second

It's Tuesday.
And this is just one of those weeks.
You know, the kind that drag on and on.

I hate those weeks.
I don't hate that they drag, but I hate that I want them to be over so bad.
I really like enjoying life, and when I'm not enjoying it, it makes me even more miserable because I start chastising myself for not enjoying it.

I have this insatiable hunger for life and color.
And both should involve the other.

The Lord reminded me of a humbling fact yesterday at work. I actually found myself praying that the hours would go faster, and telling Him that I wouldn't mind it if this week went by fast. And it felt like He looked me right in the eyes - almost like a dad does when he's saying something important to his kid - and He said,
"Casey, these seconds are important."

Immediately, my attention was brought to the people around me: the man who was asking a simple (redundant) question, the child who was handing me her mama's keys, the teenage boy who comes every day for the basketball court...
Who knows when the last time was when they got a real smile?
when someone looked them in the eyes?
when someone said, "Have a great evening," 
and meant it?

It may seem like the right thing to do, being in customer service. But I know that God has me there for more than just checking peoples's keys in, or signing kids up for swim lessons. It's wayyy bigger!
I know it is.
Because every second is.
Every last second is a big deal,
a "once-in-a-lifetime" kind of big deal.
And for me to sit and wish away these moments?

It doesn't matter how tired I am,
how much homework I'm sick of,
or how bad my coffee tastes,
I want my face to be a bearer of His smiles.
I want my eye contact to be a catalyst of His gaze.
I want my cheerfulness and my full attention to let people know that they're important, that they're seen, that they're amazing!

So many people are overlooked. And it weighs, every day, on their shoulders. I want to make people feel seen. I want to make them feel important. I want to be like Jesus behind that desk. Every last second.

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