Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Falling

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Have you noticed how Fall is one of those delightful seasons that just seems to inspire everybody?
Everyone seems to write more, sigh more, snap a few pictures more. And rant about how wonderful pumpkins/eating pumpkins/sipping pumpkin-y things is.
Yet, it's also one of those times when I just want to put off even trying to enjoy it,
because some times trying to enjoy something can get in the way of sitting, soaking, and truly enjoying.

It's like when you love someone.
Sometimes hanging out with them and doing stuff together can get in the way of just being with someone. Sitting and wordless-ly breathing.
That's what I've been feeling with the weather lately.
I could take a walk,
take pictures,
or write.
But I feel like the appropriate response is to just sit.
To watch the leaves change before I realize the trees are bare.
Today is veryyyy cold and windy.
My river is a thick, heavy grey; full of turmoil. Leaves slapped my windshield as I drove home from work. Grey fall days are nice. They make me want rich chai and mittens and friends over.
So many folks have already moved on to Christmas. But, hey, there's still Thanksgiving! And as longs as there's still color on the leaves and a chance Virginia will have a 70-degree day, it's still Fall to me.

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