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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013, it's been rad

2013 was a good year.
Here's why:

January: Disney World with some crazy siblings

February: Windsor, CO becomes my home for a couple of months
and I experienced some wonderful snows

March: Road-tripped into the mountains
 and ate lunch on a frozen lake
and also visited Boulder (one of my new favorite towns in the country).

April: I survived my first 5k
turned 19, and was visited by my best friend/brother!

May: camping in our new RV

June: camping on a lake
was visited by this beautiful girl
witnessed the beautiful wedding of two friends
and many other adventures.


August: Road trip to Niagara Falls
adventures with these two:
and my first week of college!

September: REGENT LIFE

October: hobbled a lot
and a road trip with these two (newly engaged!)

November: Young Life and new friends
and my friends and I continuing our task of making Regent a bit more classy.

December: Christmas danced
was reunited with a lovely friend
and built a Christmas tree.
and now I'm in Guatemala as I write this!

All in all, it was a beautiful year. It's been kind of fun to look back through these pictures, and see how things have changed. Relationships, friendships, hair styles, everything. This year has seen a lot of mountains conquered, a lot of insecurities faced, and a lot of challenges accepted.
- I flew to two countries
- Stepped foot in 10 different states (most of which I haven't been to before)
- And flew 5 times
- Got my first real job
- Lived on my own for a few months
- Dyed my hair a lot
- And stretched myself in many different ways.

2013 - it's been fun.

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