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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life is Wild

So I haven't decided what extreme I want to reach:
The extreme of never ever putting my camera down and capturing every beautiful moment that takes my breath away,
or the extreme of consistently leaving the house without my camera and without regrets, and simply throwing myself headlong into embracing and enjoying every beautiful moment that takes my breath away, and letting my memory remember it in any fantastic form it so desires to.

The first means that you remember everything, and it guarantees those moments when you're flipping through old prints, or scrolling through old folders on your computer and affectionately smiling on the life that's gone by.
But the second means that those memories are kept as little secrets, kept hidden in your mind and heart, shared only with the other person who was there (if anyone was with you at all).

Life is full of breathtaking moments and beautiful people. And I'm surrounded by it. Sometimes I feel like my heart might burst at the sheer thought that I'm surrounded by so much happy.
There are big things, like people in your life that sweep you up into far more bliss and much more laughter than could ever be told. But there are also little things, like yellow legal pads for list-making, and my antique Bonhoeffer book for snowy days, and new pens (also for list-making… YAY LISTS).

I'm just entirely content, and full of anticipation. Life is wild and full of opportunities and good things, and I'm really happy.

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