Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Wondrous Dangers

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wondrous Dangers

It snowed today.
This may not be news to the northern/western states, but for Virginia, snow changes things. Schools closed early today, and probably will tomorrow. People are stocking up on food. Radio stations talk about nothing but the dangers of the impending 4 inches of snow.

I think it's all rather silly to get all worked up about it. But I do like the snow something awful, though. Colorado snow was one of the most amazing things ever, and I miss it.

I drove home after dark tonight, and I would have done anything to be in the passenger seat instead. Watching the snow fall below the streetlights was almost distracting, and I wanted to pull over and just watch it for half an hour.

Snow is a funny thing. It's breathtakingly beautiful and treacherous at the same time. It creates a wasteland of lovely but also something wondrously dangerous.
I'm finding there are a lot of things in life that are like snow. Moments that take your breath away in their beauty and purity and perfection and bliss; moments that make you want to stop and just enjoy it; moments that make you want to cry - not because it makes you sad but because the everything of it is just overwhelming.
But at the same time, those beautiful moments bring along the thrill of dangers. Like that random patch of ice you didn't see, that sent you reeling. Like that snow bank that you sank up to your knees in, or the snow-covered ditch that sprung you into a nice face-plant.

Not only am I experiencing the real snow, but the real-life snow as well.
I feel as though I'm presented with the opportunity to partake in some breath-stealing, make-you-cry moments. But at the same time, there's that reminder that last time I played in the snow, I got hurt.

There's a choice:
Do I merely admire the splendor from a distance? and watch the opportunity to experience it pass by? letting the fear of the black ice dominate my decision?
Or do I jump in, wholeheartedly, regardless of the dangers? open myself up to the bliss of the loveliness? even though I might take a few face-plants in the snow-banks?

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