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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping Secrets

So, I've been pretty quiet lately. And yes, it's cuz I'm hiding things.;) I've kept a few secrets, lately. Good, great, and horrible secrets.

A lot is going on right now. A LOT. I find myself so overwhelmed that I just want to go back to bed and cry for the rest of the week. Just because I feel my own incompetence to face certain situations, and I fear that I lack the ability to make anything better.

But that's a cool thing about the God I know. He never asks me to be shameful, He never asks me to fix the situation, He never asks me to be better. Yes, He desires holiness and purity for me, but this God loved the harlots and the tax collectors. How could I say, after one slip up, that He loves me any less perfectly? And yes, He asks for me to repent and repair relationships with those around me, but that's something He does through me, not something I have to do on my own.

So I'm learning a lot about resting in the fact that He does love me perfectly. Even when I suck. Even when everyone else says I suck. He says for me to come before Him just as whole, because He's already dealt with all my mistakes. I don't surprise Him, I don't disappoint Him, and He works all things for my good.
Romans 8, Joel 3:13, John 15, and Psalm 31 are incredible. Just so you know.

Also, He doesn't ask for an imperfect, impatient, foolish 19-year-old girl to do everything right, or all on her own. After all, He knows the only thing good in me is Himself, and everything that comes from me is dirty and useless. Holiness and purity come from surrendering myself more and more to Him in me, and starving the "me" in me.

I hope ya'll have had a fantastic February! Spring is just around the corner, ya'll.
Love, Casey

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