Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: And a Really Happy Selfie

Thursday, March 13, 2014

And a Really Happy Selfie

Sometimes there are days that are just so beautiful and perfect - from the weather to the postponed assignments to the songs on the radio to the way Starbucks made your coffee.
Then sometimes there are days that seem to banter you and bother you and nag you and wear you out and make you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed at all.
And that's when you break into a smile and take a really happy selfie because this life isn't eternity, and what happens here can't keep you down.

It's really important sometimes to take a step back and remember that where you're at isn't where you'll always be.

My life is AWESOME. I am not complaining by any means.
But, like, I've mentioned before, I'm just worn out! There's a lot going on.
and everything is an adventure when you live it that way.

So even if it's not one of those beautiful days when the radio plays all your favorite tunes and the barista makes your coffee perfectly,
take a second to smile.
And take a really happy selfie.
And then smile some more,
because you're a beautiful individual,
and life is worth living with a tenacious smile on your face.

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