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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Enough of an Enough

I got off work early because it was raining ice. Literally. I drove home slowly, and then sat in my driveway as I watched the round pieces of sleet hit my warm windshield and turn to tiny water-balls. Such small things...

I've been learning about a quiet heart lately, and the importance of it. In changing circumstances, the quiet hearts are the only ones that remained stayed on what is really unchanging.
Because really, all that we have in this world can be stripped from us in a moment. And my hurried heart is constantly grabbing at, and saving up, those little things that could be gone in a day. His goodness and faithfulness are there always; I don't need to grab for anything.

I don't want a hurried heart. I don't want to miss watching the sleet melt on my windshield, or be so impatient that I don't sit still long enough to be sneezed on by one of my little sisters.
Sometimes an extra breath, an extra word or smile, an extra kiss. It all could mean the world.

Letting Him and His acceptance be enough. Enough of an enough that if all was taken away in an instant that I would still be steady. To be that kind of woman...

Hope ya'll's March is off to a GREAT start. My spring break started off with snow...ha. Ironic.
Love, Case

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