Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: Lake Champion

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lake Champion

Young Life camp.
How do I even begin to explain...
I found myself reflecting a lot on the last few days I was up in New York for Young Life camp, reflecting on how I've gotten here. Sitting on a giant rock on the edge of Lake Champion I thought how funny it was that the Lord used a random friend I made on the first day of college to bring me to leading Young Life a few short months later. I didn't even know this ministry existed a year ago: a ministry that gives me the structure and opportunity to do the type of youth ministry I've always wanted to do.
Our cabin
I'm still trying to untwist the many thoughts and emotions I have involving last week. There are so many... But what stands out the most is excitement. To be surrounded by so many incredible and encouraging leaders for an entire week, and be serving these teenagers that completely won my heart, really did make it one of the best weeks. And I'm so pumped to continue with this ministry after seeing God move so incredibly.
I've also grown so thankful for my team at Deep Creek high school, and so thankful I was stationed at that school. They're more like family than teammates, and have had so much grace for me learning the ropes these past few months. I see Jesus in them, in some of the realest ways I've ever seen.
My teammates (minus Jimmy) Vito, Sara & Zach
117 kids stood up at the end of the week to accept Christ as their Savior. And what's awesome, is that those kids are now surrounded by peers and leaders from their schools and cities that will help them on and mentor them in their new faith. I can't not be overwhelmed with awe at the Lord's goodness and crazy-good planning skills...
The Deep Creek Crew <3

Definitely the highlight of my summer...
What's been the highlight of yours?

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