Cattails, Rabbit Trails, and Thistlefish: I'm Single... You're Not.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Single... You're Not.

It feels like recently I have been surrounded by couples. Lots and lots of single people, but also lots and lots of couples. Inevitable on a college campus, but also inevitable at the mall, coffee shops, weddings and parking lots. 

But I LOVE it. 

I’ve gotten a lot of sympathetic responses when I say I’m not in a relationship anymore. Yeah, let’s face it, it’s awkward when someone gets the response “we actually broke up a few months ago,” because they don’t know how to respond or what to say or where to look. And then they almost feel guilty for talking about their healthy relationship.

But honestly, I really love listening to these folks talk about how much they appreciate and look up to their “someone.” Not only is it adorable, but it’s really encouraging. 

The privilege of seeing other people have relationships that are healthy and fun and thriving is such an encouragement to me. Yes, I want that…eventually. But right now it’s really cool to just see that that exists. I’m rejoicing in the freedom of no romance in my life, but also rejoicing in the hope of it one day.
Someone asked me today why I’m content with being single. I thought about it for a sec, and I think I just love that I get to figure things out with the Lord on my own for a while. My struggles are my struggles instead of our struggles. My victories are my victories, my adventures are my adventures… and it’s fun being in this life and not having to worry about including someone in every decision, or letting them know what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling or how my day was. I get to process things on my own for a season (and goof off with girl friends all the time;) 
And even though I know one day I’m going to hand over the freedom of singleness with joy when the right relationship comes along, I also may not get married at all. If I do, I want to reach it knowing that I spent my single years well. That I hoped without wishing, waited without moping, and anticipated without desperately longing. I want to spend my time well, but I also want to spend my heart and my thoughts well. And if I don’t get married, there’s no point in wishing around for it anyway.

So, for all you couples that I run into every now and then, feel free to gush about your relationship and your struggles and your victories and how sweet he is and how you love her laugh and the plans ya’ll have together. Because while I enjoy my single lady status, I need to be reminded sometimes that relationships are good things, and gifts from the Lord, and something worth hoping for.


  1. Thanks Casey for your post! I loved it and can really relate to it. I've loved my past years of singleness and still love it! God is so good in teaching us about ourselves and about Him in that time. To me it seems so important to learn to function "by myself" (putting God at the centre of course) before learning to function as a couple...
    Enjoy your sacred singleness and build your romance with Jesus. And continue to be an encouragement to other girls who might not be as content with their singleness.
    Love you girl!

  2. Love this post! Thank you for sharing!