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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Style{in} Skirts: Doubled

This is Chloe. She is one of my newest friends, and I think she's phenomenal. 

So when we had a study date last week (and didn't study at all) and we both showed up looking cute, we had a 30-second iPhone photo shoot in the Panera's parking lot.
Supes profesh, right?
Shirt: American Eagle // Tank: Stolen from sister;D // Pants: Ross? // Shoes: Toms (birthday present) // Backpack: Target // Headband: Found abandoned in mom's room!
Are these not some of the most fabulous Toms you've ever seen?? I am totally liking them, and the fun that they add to this outfit.
She insisted last week that she couldn't rock headbands and needed me to teach her... but I don't think it looks like she needs any instruction! This is something I haven't even done before, and she did it without looking.
And then there's me...
Top: TJ Maxx // Skirt: Target (years and years ago) // Boots: Target
Moral of the story, friends are fun, even when they keep you from studying and they make you feel like a dork in the middle of the parking lot because they're pointing an iPhone at you and you don't know how to pose.
Also, they're really good for those low moments when you feel like no one else can relate, or no one else has been where you have, when really they're right around the corner experiencing something very similar. Actually meeting those people is a weird thing, and the courage it takes to be vulnerable as you step into those new relationships is scary. It opens you up to new hurts, but even more joys. And allowing yourself to hope for that joy as you open yourself up to new people is far better than the defeating loneliness that is brought on by the fear of experiencing others on a deep level, and others experiencing you.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful start to the new school year... Make new friends, take lots of chances, and make lots of memories.:)

Love, C


  1. Aw friends are the best! Those are awesome TOMS. Good luck in the school, I'm sure you'll have a blast :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!