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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Style{in} Skirts: Only Three Colors

 There's a game my friends and I play sometimes called "Count How Many Colors Casey's Wearing." It typically comes out when they want to tease me about wearing fifteen different colors and four patterns in one outfit. So this is a bit unusual to see: only three colors total. But it's ok;)
 The thing I'm most excited about with this outfit is this bag that I got for 6 bucks at a secondhand store last week in great condition. 6 bucks! I was pleased. I need a smaller, practical bag like this that I can grab in the school year, with the primary purpose of only toting my wallet and my planner, and going well with every outfit. This one fit the bill (and my budget;)
Shirt: Old Navy // Skirt: Thrift Store // Shoes: Naturalizer (outlet) // Bag: Plato's Closet
 These shoes are also a total win for me. I've been into chunky heels lately! I think because they make me feel feminine without being uncomfortable. And feeling taller ain't so bad either
 This necklace I bought from a local gal who was selling them for my cousin's soon-to-be non-profit called Love and Scissors! If you get a chance, go check them out. If not, wait around, because I'm gonna be featuring her and her amazing ministry here in a couple of weeks.
My Jamberry nails are hanging in there just fine. Almost two weeks! Which was not expected, because I'm awesome at picking and peeling at things. I'm surprised at my self-control in not shredding them to pieces while I fidget...yet.;)
The only place I've messed them up is the finger I play guitar with. So I'm pretty much a fan of them.

This has definitely been an interesting time in my life. This summer has been physically, emotionally and mentally excruciating in so many ways. And the school year is just around the corner! I feel like I'm scrambling for the last bit of summer. Not necessarily for a few more beach trips (not that that wouldn't be nice...) but because these last two weeks are my last opportunity to get some projects finished up in my bedroom and such, and books to finish. I find myself trying to "brace myself" as if I'm on a speeding train about to crash into a fall full of chaos and craziness. 

But, hey, this is life, right? It's always a speeding train; every moment passing quickly and never coming back, and all we can do is gawk out the window and try to soak in every moment and hug everyone around us really tight. 
Life is fast and scary and lovely and breaktaking and horrifying. We can cringe when it hits us, or we can open up our rib cages and let everything about life hit our hearts and sucker-punch our lungs with the pain and beauty of it all, and let it sink deep as everything makes us better people.

HAPPY AUGUST, everyone!


  1. Coming over from the link-up. That bag is such a great find! Your outfit is so simple yet chic. I love your necklace and nail art!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. Love everything about this outfit! I need those shoes! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  3. Love the chambray top over the white dress. So cute with the pop of color! Thanks so much for linking up!