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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Secret Missions and God's Favorite Person

Within the past six months or so, I've been trying to practice selflessness. Like in really little ways. It's kind of like a game. The Lord would put something on my heart, and I would do that one for a while and then we would move to something different. For a while, it was using the dirtiest bathroom stall and doing something to it to make it a little cleaner before I left it. (Gross, right?) But the idea was to do something secret for the people around me that would make life a little bit better. Secret missions.

Lately, the Lord and I have been on the subject of parking spots. If there were two parking spots left, I would take the one farthest from the door. Sometimes this meant parking a bit of a ways, sometimes it was pretty much the same. (And don't worry, Mom, I'm still safe about it;)
However, tonight the Lord definitely put me through a more challenging situation.

Tonight at Young Life, my teammate challenged the high schoolers to think of every interaction we have with people as interacting with "God's favorite person in the entire world." (Because, after all, He died for everyone out of crazy love - from the president down to the barber on the corner.) I thought to myself, "Wow, what a cool thought! I should keep that in mind." I didn't think the Lord would make me put it into action so quickly though. 

Lo and behold, if there wasn't one last parking spot in the dorm parking lot tonight when I got back. I hesitated, and then pulled in, somehow reasoning with myself that it was ok "this once." But wouldn't you know it, a girl pulls in and starts looking for a spot. I sit there for a sec and watch her car circle around...still justifying that I should stay in my parking spot...

And then I hear the Lord say, "Hey Case... that's my favorite person in the world. And I love her. She's honored in my sight."

Ok... how on earth could I withhold a parking spot from the Lord's honored?

I kinda smiled at Him, like, "You would, wouldn't You?" and I drove out to the other parking lot next to the guys dorm a little farther away.

How small is that? How insignificant is that? She will never know.
But then again, it's the acts of love that no one sees that mean so much in the long run. It's the unseen things that show our faithfulness. When Jesus gave the parable about the servants being faithful with the small talents, He was showing us just that: He sees every bit of faithfulness in how we respond to His callings.

So that's my challenge for ya'll. What are some ways you could love the people around you in the unseen ways? How can you love Him in the secret places? Where are the small places you could be more faithful?

Hope ya'll are off to a great start with your week!
Love, Case

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